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Arts-centered learning for Kindergarteners

30-minute, hands-on projects.

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Research shows that high-quality learning programs can improve child readiness, particularly children who receive high-quality early education are more likely to stay in school longer, graduate from high school, and attend a four-year college.

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Creative Blueprint is a 360° learning experience for developing 21st-century skills.

Use items you already have at home

FIlter projects by the items you have on-hand

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Connect to the education standards

Guided questions connect skills to the project.


Watch video directions for every project

A video overview and written directions cover all the details.

Track student growth with assessments

Track skill progress in a personalized dashboard

2-4 questions
assess understanding 
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Most projects are 30-min or less
Video overview
Commonly used items
Know what to prep
Step-by-step directions
Guide learning & connect the skills
Focus on specific skills
In solidarity

Silence and neutrality in situations of injustice is complicity. Dismantling systemic racism and white supremacy is a journey that we're on alongside our community. 

Here are the actions we're taking with our voice, our wallet, and our consciousness to create a more just world.    

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