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About Creative Blueprint
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Creative Blueprint's goal is to address low student engagement by making arts-centered learning accessible to parents and teachers of 4-6-year-old students. It helps parents understand how to support their child’s classroom education through short, guided art projects that connect with the national education standards.     


Our vision

Through a discovery-oriented appraoch to learning, students feel more confident, capable, and empowered to expand their knowledge beyond the confines of their classroom. Skills are taught through children's natural curiosty to build the financial, social, and professional skills they need to achieve their goals and create the impact they want to see in the world.​

The team

This effort is backed by a team of educators and strategists who above all, value honesty, integrity, inclusion, and equity. 


Juliana King


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Clarity Countryman

Curriculum lead

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Michèle Ovalle

Business advisor

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Amanda Whybolt

Business advisor

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