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Arts-Centered Learning for Kindergarteners

Hi, I’m Juliana, the founder of Creative Blueprint. I help parents of Kindergarteners connect, inspire, and lead their young students into a love of life-long learning. If you're finding this page, Hi! Welcome to our community.

How many of you grew up in public education?

How many of you struggled to get by in school?

How many of you felt your education was engaging?

Did it help you solve the real-life problems that we face as an adult?

I have 2 daughters, 2 nieces, and 2 god children. Each of them learn differently. Each of them have unique strengths and weaknesses. As the core teachers and guides in their life, it’s our job to tap into those. To help play to their strengths and build their weaknesses. My goal is to give you the tools to make this easier. Some of us are single parents. Some balancing multiple jobs. We’re all busy and trying to keep up with life’s demands. Let alone finding time for ourselves to relax and decompress.

Little wins are built through small habits. Teaching our kids good learning habits is just as important for us as it is for them. Join us in doing these short 30-min projects each week to start building good learning habits.

Creative Blueprint exists to help parents and teachers of kindergarten-aged students understand how to support their child’s classroom education through short, guided art projects that connect with the national education standards. Creative Blueprint makes it easy to:

  • Work on math, science or language projects

  • Watch video directions for each project

  • Find projects that only use items you already have

  • Focus on specific skills

  • Connect to the national standards through teacher-developed questions

  • Assess specific skills and track their progress

Our vision is to provide teachers and families the tools they need to inspire learning through arts-integrated projects that spark creativity and critical thinking while connecting them to real-world skills. We want to make finding fun projects, easy and quick. And we want parents and teachers to feel prepared and excited to lead these lessons with their kids. This effort is backed by a team of educators and strategists who above all, value honesty, integrity, inclusion, and equity.

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