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We stand in solidarity with the BIPOC and AAPI community
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We're comitted to the ongoing journey of dismantling white supremacy. As we grow our project library, we strive to create more equity in education through culturally responsive project lessons that expand on these six pillars of knowledge.


Personal identity​​

What is my name? My family story? My culture? My emotions, strengths, and weaknesses?


Where do I live? Who are my neighbors? Who lived here before me? Where do we gather? What do we celebrate?

Empathy & compassion

What is discrimination, compassion, empathy? What are the differences between opinions and facts and how do I recognize them? 


How do I care for myself? How does my family care for eachother? How do I help others in school? What can I do to positively/negatively impact my community?

Celebrating diversity

What is diversity? How can we explore other cultures? What do we learn? What are you curious about?

Allyship & advocacy

What is privilege? Who has privilege? Who holds power? What is my power? What does it mean to be courageous? What is my responsability to myself and my community?

Resources to support your journey
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Bystander training

A guide for how to de-escalate situations of harrassment and support victims.

Stop Asian American Pacific Islander hate

Report a crime

Reporting incidents helps to create a database of needs that turn into policy development.

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Talking about race

Tools and gudance for having conversations about race. 

Podcast image for New York Times audio series

America's birthstory

How the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans have made America.

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What you can do

A podcast that discusses ideas about where to begin in dismanteling racism.

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The origin of whiteness

A fourteen-part documentary series on where "whiteness" come from and what it is for.


Black Wall Street

The largest app & digital platform connecting consumers to Black-owned businesses

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Up-to-date resources

Practical ways to understand, explain, and solve problems of racial inequity and injustice.

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Buy Black

Search the online directory or mobile app to find Black-owned businesses near you.

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